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GSM Larmpaket Advanced-Trådlöst GSM larmpaket

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Pris: 3990Kr   

Larmpaket GSM Advanced
Trådlöst GSM larmpaket

Levereras i ett grundkit innehållande:
Centralapparat inkl inbyggt reservkraftsbatteri med LCD Panel.
1st PIR passiv IR Detektor (Rörelsedetektor)
1st Dörr/fönsterkontakt
2st Fjärrkontroller
1st nätströmsadapter
Installationsmanual på engelska & svenska.

Detta larm kan man även ansluta en telelinje till.
1 års garanti

Product Description

1. Blue backup LCD displays everything you want to know about the panel.
2. Full compliance with ADEMCO Contact ID.
A. When alarming, you can hear which sensor in which zone is alarming
B. Voice prompt you how to operate for every step
3. Eighty five event logo about arming disarming alarming (with data stamp) viewable directly on the panel LCD.
4. Twelve seconds voice message, in case of alarming, automatically playing after you pick up your phone.
5. Any of the detectors can be door bell when disarmed; Any detector can be local siren when disarmed.
6. Monitor the old, the sick and the important place: When the old or the sick doesn’t move, or the important warehouse hasn’t human presence for a period of time, the panel will alarm.
7. Any zone type programmable (including: Watchdog zone, exit/entry delay, 24 hours zone, sounder/silent when alarming, armed/part armed zone, sensor/no sensor in the zone)
8. Panel can receive the detector low voltage signal and display zone number and detector number on the LCD and sound a beep
9. Seven wired terminals, 12 v alarm output, 12v power output (continuous), wired siren terminal
10. Six time points of timed Auto-Arming/disarming (24 hour mode)
11. Wireless detector installing test
12. Listen in and speak function
13. Away arming with siren sounder ON
14. Any zone can be armed/ disarmed separately
15. Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery, auto charge/discharge

Technical parameters
1. Working voltage: DC 12V
2. Static current: < 30mA
3. Working temperature: -15 degree~ +55 degree, R. Humidity. ≤90%
4. Supports GSM900/DCS1800MHz/ 850MHz/1900MHz
5. GSM transmitting power: CLASS4(2W)/GSM900, CLASS1(1W)/GSM1800
6. Anti-interference: -40dB(frequency: 30M-1000MHz)
7. Wireless receiving frequency: 315/433MHz
8. Wireless modulation: ASK
9. Wireless Receiving Sensitivity: -95dBm@12dB SINAD
10. Capacity for wireless device: 51PCS(sets);
11. Wired device: 7PCS
12. Alarm phone numbers: 6 groups
13. Volume of siren: ≥80dBspl (inside )

Standard Accessories:
1 main panel, 1 PIR detector, 1 door/window contact, 2 remote controls, 1power supply, 1user manual
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